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home. this started last night in the presidio. park police pulled over a truck, a driver, for a traffic violation. according to the lieutenant the officers smelled marijuana in the truck and they say the driver handed the officer a stick of dynamite. officers evacuated the planet granite climbing gym and arrested the man. we move over then to this location on vallejo where park police searched a home. they took out several evidence bags full of stuff. there are people inside the home. police questions them. no arrests were made. they have not said why the man had dynamite or told us the charges he will face.
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breaking overnight police are investigating a stabbing at a strip club in san francisco. several police cars lined the street in front of the garden of eden on broadway. we are told that two people were taken to the hospital and we reached out to police and waiting to hear back. when we get more information on the incident we will bring you the information. new information of the boy who managed to beat the odds as a stow away on a flight from san jose to hawaii. here is what we have learned. katie marzullo? >> he histories here with his family but he is in child protective services in hawaii right now. with his family, his parents and siblings we understand his father is a cab driver. the reports were that he ran off and jumped the plane after
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getting into a fight but a sister said there was who family fight. from the f.b.i. we are lending this kid was lucky he went to maui but it was not the target destination and he hopped on a plane closest to the fence. there are unconfirmed reports that he was trying to get to relatives in africa. we talked with neighbors in santa clara who say the family is quiet and they only speak to them coming and going from the house and they lived in the rental house for a year. this family now thrust into the national spot light, a 15-year-old who no one can figure how he survived this. some do not believe the story and say it is impossible and he is forcing the local airport to reconsider its security measures
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. the plane he stowed away on reached 38,000' so he fived below zero temperatures with little oxygen. that actually could be what saved his hive -- life. vital organs do not need so much oxygen when the temperatures are down. he was in a state of suspended animation because he had a healthy brain and heart he survived. >> he blacked out and does not remember making the trip. from 1947 to 2012 the f.a.a. documents 105 stow as would made it in the unpressurized areas and only 25 survived, the others did not survive the extreme conditions. the youngest was no one. two others survived el rigses of 38,000 feet and only one survived 39,000 feet. we will follow the developing
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story all morning with reporting continuing on twitter. >> northbound 85 is fully open after a horrific accident near cupertino that killed a young girl and shut down traffic for hours yesterday. three others were taken to the hospital. >> never easy to see a collision of that magnitude especially when there are children involved. >> investigators are not sure why but the 47-year-old mother of the two young passengers parked the van on the shoulder of northbound highway 85 and at 3:30 in the afternoon the jeep ran off the road can crashed into the rear end of the minivan. >> the jeep traveled on the shoulder and on to the embankment and collided into the minivan and he continued to overturn and she traveled across all lanes. >> c.h.p. says a young girl
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around five died on impact although she was strapped into a car seat. her older brother, under ten, was in a booster chair and suffered moderate injuries. c.h.p. says the driver of the jeep is a 56-year-old man from san jose who had major injuries. >> it is unknown how fast he was traveling and why he was swerving and why he was on the shoulder. >> another jeep s.u.v. clipped the van but the driver escaped injury. c.h.p. is not sure if the van had mechanical problems but drivers should avoid parking on the shoulder of the freeway unless they have no other choice. >> new figures show a dramatic drop this complaints from san jose police officers against fellow officers for bad conduct as community complaints rise. figures from the police chief show that 83 percent fewer
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investigations into department employees than recently based on evidence submitted by fellow officers. some say it is because the department is short staffed the supervisors do not have time to investigate. community groups are concerned officers could ignore poor behavior after it is reported. issue is expected to come up next week at the city council meeting. >> seniors will valley outside the san francisco association of realtors association calling on the realtors association not to oppose the reform legislation being considered by state lawmakers. the state senate bill will prevent regulators from buying up apartment buildings and evicting tenants and flipping the buildings. teachers if san francisco hold a rally pushing for 21 percent pay raise the next three years, proposing the pay raise to the san francisco unified school district last week and
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say san francisco teachers are among the lowest paid and are forced out of the school district because of skyrocketing rent. the rally takes place at 5:00 at school board meeting on franklin street. >> we head out the door to beat the track but this morning you may want to meet. >> it will be more dry. live doppler 7 hd shows a few radar runs in the higher elevations around mount hamilton and that is it right now. we will talk about the ins and they are blowing out quickly. calm in santa rosa. 21 in oakland and hayward and sfo and novato. 16 in san jose. 13 in livermore. ten in concord. 15 at half moon bay. the winds of change are blowing out in.
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as we look from the east bay hills to san francisco two degrees cooler in oakland at 64 to walnut creek at 65 today and ten degrees cooler than yesterday. more sunshine but cooler weather. our chance of rain is fading at 7:00, and as we head through the next 12 hours temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50's and mid-60 for the rest us at 4:00 and this evening we are in the mid-50's to 60 at 7:00 and when the sun goes down we are in the low 50's. >> we have a high wind advisory for the dumbarton bridge with reports of tree limbs down. first report of an accident eastbound non-commute direction of 80 before hercules a big rig and a truck on the shoulder. road work down to one lane in marin county and in san jose we have road work until 7:00 a.m. southbound 880 to the 280/17
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junction. you can see the camera shaking on the bay bridge with traffic flowing nicely an the curve and beyond the beautiful tower into san francisco with no delays but windy. >> next, a late night san francisco tradition comes underfire literally. a plan to regulate bonfires at the beach. >> a reason to celebrate after a tough loss and the newest warriors planned new arena. >> apple showing us a look of the new digs. we will hear from the new architect hand
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covering burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. on a tuesday, a look at the embarcadero in san francisco you can see the flags whipped about
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by the winds. meteorologist mike nicco wants to warn you until 7:00 this morning we have widespread showers in the bay area so you may get wet. >> national park police are planning to place new restrictions on bonfires at san francisco's ocean beach. they are a long tradition but are a problem because of liter and leaving fires unattended. the park service is planning to change the cut off time until 9:00 and if it does not approve they could be banned altogether. the park service is taking public comment until mid-may. >> the crushing loss is an exciting time for the warriors in the playoffs and ready to build a new arena if san francisco. they have given up on the original proposed location and bought land south of at&t park.
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here is that story. >> this vacant land is the new site for the proposed arena of the warriors in san francisco south of at&t park near but not on the water. it may not be as scenic as the pier but politically it will streamline things for the warriors. >> they own that land and do not have to adhere to the challenges of the waterfront. >> they bypass prop pope oz want to limit the height of the arena. >> it is better. the jury is out on the details. we want to make sure it is going to make sense for traffic and transit. >> warriors fans have similar questions can their reaction hinged on which side of the bay they hail from. >> they fine am coming back. >> i like the requested of staying in oakland. >> we are exciting.
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bring it on. >> the manager of this restaurant near the new arena is celebrating. >> building has been a big change if this area so it has been exciting already. >> now the warriors. >> only going to get bigger. >> mission bay has a lot of great daytime jobs but quiet at name. the arena activates the area and uses the infrastructure we build. >> 18,000 seat arena will be ready in 208 for basketball and concerts. happening now if you look up right now and there are no clouds you could see the meteor showers before dawn visible for the week. it dates back 2,700 years. this is one of the oldest meteor
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showers. >> bart is taking issue with 49er fans criticizing the fleet of the future for sporting the same colors as the seattle seahawks in lime green and blue. a fan has start add petition asking bart to change the colors saying they are a slap in the face to every 49er fan would rides bart. but bart says the primary color is navy and darker and the bart cars use a a additional lighter blue. the new train cars are on tour and next step is tomorrow at the bay point station and we have a full list of locations at abc7 news and bart leaders are asking riders to tell them what they think. >> it is a legal too close, and just maybe make something nationally embarrassing. >> maybe the seahawks fans like it. >> talk trash on bart.
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>> bart platforms are they wet? >> they could be wet but most of wet weather is over. moisture? absolutely. take an umbrella? probably not. i wouldn't bother. it is getting too breezy to have an umbrella. live doppler 7 hd shows a scattering radar returns and they are light green of the lowest variety. this is how it looks from the camera with the flags unfouled because of the breezy conditions developing as the cold front pulls away from us and high pressure tries to build behind it. thing is air is bringing us the breezy and sunny and cooler conditions and we will is some 30's inland and the rain for friday and sunday is not looking so impressive as yesterday. here are the temperatures, in the south by, where it will be
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in the mid-to-upper 60's and santa santa cruz and gilroy barely into 67 and everyone else around 64 to 65 in san jose and we head up the peninsula we start at 65 in los altos and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast with nearly 60 in south san francisco. and mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay valley and only money 50's at the blustery beaches and the east bay shore and mid-60's from 63 in hayward to 65 in castro valley and the temperatures are ten degrees cooler than yesterday and mid-to-upper 60's in the east bay valley. tonight, 39 degrees at napa and 40 in santa rosa and mid-to-upper 40's for the prosecute of us with a few high clouds. at 7:00, you can see a few radar returns and by noon, they are gone as we head through the afternoon and it will be mostly sunny and breezy and
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temperatures are ten degrees cooler than yesterday. we will bounce up tomorrow at two to six degrees with more clouds on thursday and temperatures hold steady and a slight chance of rain with coolest weather friday and saturday and 80's on monday. >> if hercules we have reports of a big rig and a truck eastbound 80 and the non-commute direction but off to the shoulder so i have for delays. in san jose, we have a brushfire northbound 280 at 101 junction visible from the freeway is give yourself extra time and fire department is headed to the scene and high wind advisory for dumbarton bridge and all around the bay area with tree limits down in daly city and along the skyline boulevard so extra caution this morning and westbound 580 for a few more minutes we have roadwork with a couple of lanes blocks and in san rafael southbound 101 is
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moving nicely with the tail lights headed beyond the civic center to central san rafael with no delays but windy on the bridge. kristen sze? >> apple is offering a new look at the new focus of the buildings' green technology features powered by renewable energy sources including a giant solar energy installation and at look at the interior design and an interview with the act who said how steve jobs personally recruited him. >> a memorable thing and vital to the project was steve saying, don't thing of me as your client, think of me as one of your team. >> video says a third of the 15,000 employees will be able to commute on i.p.o. -- on biofuel
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buses and public transit. >> a moving moment during this year's boston marathon and we will tell you of this act of kindness that brought spectators at the finish line to tears. >> you can track the rain and weather using the weather app that is free to download. [dad] u [boy] mom!ughs] [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa...
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[mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
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>> good morning, you can see a beautiful shot of the city but you can not see the winds. it is breezy. cooler temperatures today. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast ahead. >> today is 10 years since the death of pat tillman the safety from san jose would gave up football after the september 11th attacks. >> he left the cardinals to become an army ranger and killed by friendly fire in afghanistan
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in 2004. it is not clear would shot tillman but it was likely one of three fellow rangers. one of the rangers is speaking out and tells espn he cannot shake the fact that tillman's death could be his fault. >> why do you feel accountable? >> i made a decision to fire. it was my decision, my responsibility to pull the trigger. i made that choice. >> he apologized to the tillman family but says saying sorry feels inadequate. today at 5:00, espn airs a special "outside the lines, pat tillman, 15 years later." >> birthday celebration for six-year-old boy at travis air force base stretched into weeks because he received 10,000 birthday cards. we introduced you to he and his mother. he said he wanted 100 birthday
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cards for his birthday on april 6 and she post add request on facebook and received an overwhelming response and the family says they received cars from all across the united states and even canada, japan, and ire -- ireland. >> now meteorologist mike nicco and a birthday gift with rain. >> a little bit of rain. unlike the weather at the coliseum for the rangers and a's it will be breezy and dropping to 52 but it will feel cooler than that. dress accordingly. the moisture is now in the high country. a few inches of snow are falling above 6,000 or 7,000 feet. 57 in yosemite. low 70's around sacramento and fresno. mid-to-upper 60 with scattered showers around the higher elevations of san diego and los
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angeles. back now to san jose where we have a brushfire and crews are headed to the scene and you can see it from the freeway north 280 at the 101 junction and back to hercules, c.h.p. is on the scene and still no word of getting a tow truck a big rig and another truck got into it and it is on the shoulder eastbound 80 before willow and it is early enough i am not seeing delays and the non-commute direction. we have road work eastbound and westbound 80 between albany and emeryville in the opposite direction and we also have road work for a few more minutes north 101 down to one lane. at the toll plaza, it looks like everything is moving at the limit with no metering lights and a high wind advisory. >> we have had one of those family outing where nothing goes
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right, but have you ever had it this bad? this family's van broke down at a lion safari park and they could not get out when it burst into flames, but the big cat could see the family, and park rangers showed up quickly and took them to safety. >> an inspiring moment caught on camera at the finish line of the boston marathon runners rushing to help a man whose legs give out. the "washington post" reporter shot the photo at 26-mile mark where the first bomb went off. at first two people tried to brace the exhausted runner but his legs would not move so two more runners carried him and smokators were moved to cheers and the crowds cheered. >> sports brings out the best in
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people. proving boston strong. >> next at 5:00, new questions emerge of the south bay teen stow away. we foe how he pull off the deaf defying trip, but, why? a report is next. >> and a city has had enough with the trash. ought environmental cost of pipeline safety. residents get a chance today on earth day to sound off on pg&e plan to chop down thousands of trees.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at action on tuesday. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. >> big changes with the weather. a lot cooler. >> the winds and the rain have arrived. i got more rain than most people in the east bay but my drive to san francisco was not completely wet so that is something to hang your hat on. live doppler 7 hd shows the clouds opening up and the rain becoming limited. we have a chance of a scattered showers through 7:00 and mostly when we get to 7:00 clouds will open, freezes are here, and look at the sunshine with temperatures below average. low-to-mid 60's at the bay and mid-to-upper 50's along the coast. it will be a rough commute because of the wind. >> it is


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